AE-X has issued this re-recorded selection of theme music from international science fiction, horror, and fantasy television series, all of which originally aired between 1974 and 1982.

The Behemoth
(Japan, Action, 1979)


Cerys, an orphaned teenage girl, makes her way through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, surviving on her wits alone. One day, while exploring a boundless network of caves, she discovers a long-forgotten subterranean military base. Inside the deepest caverns of this base is a hangar containing the last of the Behemoths, a 100-foot-tall “Apex Predator” war mecha. And it still works.

Cerys now controls the world’s most powerful weapon... which means there’s a new sheriff in town.

(Australia, Action Horror, 1980)

World War III has ended, but the fighting must go on. Hordes of reanimated corpses – unholy armies created by maniacal warlords – still roam much of the planet. Though these warlords have all been captured or killed, their zombie troops will never surrender. They must all be destroyed.

That is the mission for Z-Force, the brave soldiers led by Commander Bernadette “Bernie” Stoddard, who must fight the final battles of this global atrocity. Their motto: “We Don’t Stop ‘Till The Last Zed Drops.”

On The Rocks
(United Kingdom, Comedy, 1975)

Winthrop Jurgens thinks he’s finally landed the perfect job: Chief Operations Supervisor for the automated mining operation on GR-179, a planetoid rich in prolixium. Deep in space, far from the stresses of modern life, he can just sit back, let the machines do all the work, and watch his retirement account grow. There’s just one detail they forgot to tell him: his immediate supervisor is his ex-wife.

(Germany, Science Fantasy, 1980)


Captain Markus Vogel heads the crew of The StarDream, the first luxury hotel in orbit around Earth. Booked to capacity since the day it began welcoming guests, The StarDream has flown without serious incident for several years. That ends on February 4, 2125, at precisely 10:34:07 PM.

At that moment, Earth vanishes in the blink of an eye.

They can't see it, they can't communicate with anyone there... but they're still in a stable orbit. "Around what?" is one of a thousand questions no one can answer.

Mission: Miranda
(France, Comedy-Drama, 1977)

Josette Lesauvage is one of the greatest con artists in the local system. But when her partner double-crosses her, she needs to get off the planet five minutes ago. Frantic, she talks her way onto the Asclepius, the flagship for "Doctors Without Gravitons," a humanitarian relief organization. And she learns – after lift-off – that they are on a four-year mission to the planet Miranda: 48 months trapped with a mob of wide-eyed do-gooders, taking care of sick aliens, on a desolate rock at the edge of the galaxy.

Prison, a violent death, or both, were probably better options.

(Soviet Union, Horror Fantasy, 1982)

Evgeny, a vampire, lives in the shadows of modern-day Novosibirsk, presiding over the local guild. Little does he know that he and his brethren are mere pawns in a game that has been played for millions of years, across thousands of galaxies. When a tremendous meteor slams into the Western Siberian Plain, he begins to learn the truth about his race, and what that truth means for the fate of everything on Earth.

The Forlorn Hope
(Canada, Crime Drama, 1974)

The cops who work the narco-homicide division of the North Empyrio Police Department already have their hands full; this overcrowded megacity has the highest murder rate on Nereus. Things go from very bad to much worse when someone known only as Eshmun declares war on the crime kingpins who control North Empyrio. Is Eshmun an ally or an enemy? And why are rumors spreading that Eshmun isn't even mortal?

Ad Astra
(The Netherlands, Action, 1982)

Humankind is finally ready to venture beyond our solar system. Leading the way for the first group of caravans are the AstraPrime squadrons. Against all odds, young pilots Gemma Holst and Leopold Romijn have both been selected to join AstraPrime Green, the team escorting a caravan to the Procyon 749 system. Leaving the warmth of our sun behind forever, they set out on the most profound journey humanity has ever taken.

And when they arrive at what they think is Procyon 749, the adventure truly begins.

Zombie Horde Recorded by Mike Koenig. Certain sound effects courtesy

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